Heroes of the Order

Stolen Goods [Air Wing]

Finished defeating the Were-Hell Hound

Found a ghost and its body it was an Assimar

The ghost in poor common asked to be ressed, Toben could not and performed last rites on the body, the ghost disappeared. The body was placed in the Bottle for resurrection later.

Got past the lightning corridor by smashing the lighting orbs.

Acquired the key to wing A from the body.

Used the room changer to get to wing A

Fought way past the kill zone with the lighting throwing humanoid griffons. With blade barrier and soild fog forced them to flee with some sort of magic.

and lug and razz beat their ways though the room trap with flooding and lighting.

dug though a rock fall and headed into an area used a summon to set off a magical spell

It caused a wall behind the group to disappear and 2 lighting griffons to attack

End Session and start of fight.

Stolen Goods [Kicking in the Door]

(Any comments, additions, corrections or bits I missed feel free to aid or fix)
(All the best everyone and thank you for playing)
(2015-01-28, W – various SPAG updates)



Headed to the the location of the gate stone. The location happened to be a shrouded tower, the 9th Tower
Given that to set up one of these gate stones take multiple lives to be give there is the question as to who set it up here, or it is possible that it is a different gate stone and it had been here all along

Encounter 1: The Gate Keeper
Lug was the first though the portal to confront the large Steel Golem, lug laid into it knocking huge dents in to it’s armour, Chal came though the gate stone and cast grease under it making it fall over. The rest came though and helped tear it to pieces.

The sounds of the ringing blows, Lug’s battle cries and the titanic booms of the golem falling resonated round the spiked metal walls making it impossible to hear anything for a minute or so. Chal, not liking this, linked the party telepathically.

Encounter 2: The Door Keepers
Approaching the door to the vault, it’s defences came in to sight. 2 armoured golems with tower shields and greataxes either side, 3 magical obelisks ready to throw magic into the fray should a conflict erupt.

Raz went to move forward and was stopped by one of the gate keeper saying “HALT

A conversation ensued about a lack of access tokens and the only way to get one was from the access token dispenser.
Though a mental link, the party co-ordinates, and with a 3,2,1 charge and the fight was started.

Raz charged the fireball obelisk and nearly shattered the thing whole in one powerful strike of his clawed hand.

Torpus shielded the party so the magic missile obelisk would have no effect.

Chal teleported everyone that much closer to where they intended to be with a quick burst of magic. The dispel obelisk tried to stop this and was effortlessly shrugged off.

The fireball obelisk fired into a cluster of people, resulting in some scorching and swearing.

Kikabi snuck up in Raz’s shadow as he advanced on one of the door keepers, the first flurry of blades from Kikabi hit home but bounced off thick armour plate and shield.

Seeing how hard it was to land a telling blow on them Raz moved in and grappled one, holding it still long enough for others to make accurate attacks now it could not defend itself properly.

The other one moved to physically block the door, growing brittle crystal shards that it fired in a cone-shaped ranged attack seeking Torpus and Toben, who managed to weather with their shields, armour and magical defences.

Suddenly that one was engulfed in freezing fog cast by Chal, this resulted in it falling over as it had no balance.

Lug went charging into the fog, ready to attack the golem, but still with his battle cry echoing went sliding out the other side, because he also had no balance.

Raz bodily hurled the remains of the first golem though the fog, missing the surviving golem, sending the remains skidding out the fog next to lug.

Raz, not to be deterred, tried again and knocked the golem out the other side of the cloud, still trying to stand.

The last golem was dealt with swiftly.

Torpus then settled down to study the door, and started to prepare the knock spell.

Encounter 3: The Hell Hound Ambush

Just when the knock spell went off the hell hounds launched their ambush

Raz notice and sprang in to action, doing a charging flying grapple to the were-hellhound.
5 of the hellhounds rushed the others
The WHH activated his grappling whip to grapple Raz, allowing him to escape. It then repeatedly tried to kill Raz, but only inflicted minor damage, since Raz is almost rogue-proof.

Kikabi threw a flurry of blades out, dazing 4 of the hellhounds.
Lug charged around, regretfully killing the well trained, domesticated hellhounds that were looking “look didn’t I do well after biting all the party members”. His Battle cries were replaced with a sorrowful ’I’m sorry, puppy’. Still, dead hellhounds bite no faces.

Toben struck mightily with his scimitar of banishing, successfully banishing both hellhounds that had attacked him.

Chal cast dispel magic on the snake grappling Raz, shutting it down for a few turns. Raz, now free to act, just mauled the WHH somewhat.

Quotes form the Were-hellhound.
“Get your paws off me your furry mongrel” when Raz reacted quickly form the ambush, sprouted wings of fire and charged though the air grappling the WHH

“Die, die, die you hideous monster” standing outside the grapple once escape and repeatedly trying to sneak attack an immune to sneak attack Raz.

The fight is still on going.
At the start of anew turn

34 Kikabi
29 Veld
27 Were Hell Hound
26 Lug
24 Torpus
17 Chal
17 Raz
15 Hell Hound
12 Toben

Important facts
Snake whip dagger offline for 3 more turns

Stolen Goods [Pre Session briefing]

The briefing.
Kyreloss the forgotten would inform you of the following.

This watchtower is potent but its not operating to the fullest of it’s abilities. Some of its parts were … Apropeated by those without the world’s best interests at heart.

Originally when the world was set to end hundreds of years ago the plan was simply to collect them from the ashes. The current situation forces that plan to be altered.

There are 5 components that are of critical importants. 4 magical cores that make up the defensive matrix of magic and offensive surprises for those that would try to invade or harm the watch tower.

The last component is the most important. It is the creation heart of the watchtower. This will allow the creation of more of the beacon pins (town portal), weapons, items and even personal enhancement to your selfs from reasureces that can be gathered from the incursion bubbles.

( the lug edition. Bad people have stolen parts of the watchtower weakening the defence of the world. )

The dungeon
The location that these components are hidden in is an ancient vault. ( thimk the Queen’s people)

To get there you have to use the gate stone network the cult was using and use one of the metals. It’s the one with the metal figures standing gaurd with a huge axe raised so with your knowledge’s you can expect to fight a pair of golems at least for the first fight. You can expect them to be resistant or immune to magic cast upon them.

The place is warded vs scrying, and methods of extra dimensional entery. So the only way in will be via the front door.

Expect magical and physical defenses. Summoned and bound creatures. Constructs and ancient warriors that have been suspended in time.

Sections of it are likely to be no magic or have different plane traits.

With your combined knowledge and skills you no you can expect there to be strange spacal connections , rooms larger than that should be. And devices that can alter the layout of the place around you. They liked hidding things in plan site for convenience and to make the space more elegant.

A new mission
A new party

Well Lug has been raised and there are a bunch of new characters in the party.

Introduced to the Watchtower

Grabed Content Not Found: null from Town

Geared up

Resuced the two new cahracters from the boundery aroundt he incursion

Deafeated everything

Hailed as herores if a little worriely as unexpected

arged to help save the world

Need to add more details later

Next session to start with combat

Journy to the Pillar of Darkness
1st of Winter Waning Half 1

Plan is to go to the pillar of darkness

Exploring the Bottle
1st of Winter Waning Gibbous 3

Exploring the bottle.

Got an overview of what was in the bottle

The Long Wait Week Four

g2, g3, f1, f2, f3, g1, g2

The Long Wait Week Three

Moons c1, c2, c3, h1, h2, h3, g1
Start of the first month of winter

The Long Wait Week Two

Moons h3, c1, c2, c3, n1, n2, n3

The Long Wait Week One

Moons f2, f3, g1, g2, g3, h1, h2

To venture in to the darkness that now surrounds the strung hold of ruin you need an artefact of preservation to ward off its life sapping effects.
The best crafter and holy priests from the temple will take a month to create such an item.

As a group you need to make some decisions.

What to do for your first weeks group activity?
Here are some suggestions )feel free to talk about it and even vote if you wish

  • Some of the possible options
  • Patrol the local area
  • Investigate a location
  • Travel somewhere
  • Go on a group diplomata mission somewhere
  • Try investigating some more of the gate stone net work
  • Anything else you can think of

What form would you want the artefact to take.
1) A large shield (a good protective item)
2) Two handed great hammer (Improved turning for the wielder and stirkeing a ruin creature may drive them away or cow them )
3) A Holy Banner (wider protective area, can be planted in the group as well as carried)

The default radius of protection will be 30 feet, the banner will be 60 feet.


Events in the town

Due to the Queen’s skilled use of people skills and the susseful defence of the town people are genraly clam. But their is a sense that bad things are a foot.

The many miles high PILLAR OF DARKNESS that can be seen by everyone in the town and hundrads of miles around people know this will be a bad winter.

Instead of fear people are coming together and there is a frenzy of activity to ready the town
  • Making ammonition
  • Practiting how to use the captured seigeweapons
  • Crafting armour and weapons.
  • Training to use the weapons.

THe lord now free of the quarentine of his home is going to be out and about getting a lot done.
Given the attack on the town he is going to strengthen the standing guard.
More people on watch all the time.
More gaurds sent out with the farmers

Take some gaurds to secure the farm land to the south east and check the three mills area

Due to the large shipment of supplies he now has a lot more items for sale. He would be trying to sell these to people.
He seems completyl confident for his safty no matter what happens to the town.

The demonic dragon you all trust so much is welcomed in to the town, with people having known him for years. He is helping greatly with improving the town’s fortification. His work is done silently at night with hundreds of shadowy servants.

The name he goes by in town is Blackthorn
During the day he can be found

  • in the tavern telling stores and drinking
  • At the brothral
  • Walking around the town talking to many different people.

Is working on getting things ready for winter at an accelerated rate and keeping people calm.

Is sending out a lot of people to gather herbs, plants etc, likly gather mass supplies for the winter.


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