Queen Elenadanele of Carthey

The Queen formerly known as Ransom


She is the sister you never knew, the girl you only dreamed of. With fey features and ethereal grace, Queen Elenadanele could pass for elven to the casual glance. She is certainly lovely to look at, yet much of her beauty comes from her manner and bearing and sheer force of personality. Her smile can brighten your day and warm your heart. The slightest frown of disappointment can leave you wishing that you had just been a better person. (Well, unless your name is Torpus, perhaps.) When she listens to you and grants you her full attention, you are the centre of the world. While she may carry herself with the dignity and authority of royalty, when she is among her allies there is a warmth to her manner that softens any distance this might put between her and others.

Curiously, unlike many of her companions, she does not have striking or remarkable features (at least none that she cares to show to the world), she just simply is. Wherever she goes, and whatever she does, she is somehow never out of place. She seems to belong, as much a part of the world as the fields or the sky.


The title of “Queen” is more honorary than an indication of real political power as the land of Carthey was destroyed by Ruin a long time ago (anyone with a good history score would probably place its fall at around the time of the loss of the Drow home lands, though Carthey was always a small nation and there are more or less no records of it any more). Still the Queen lives on, and while she lives something of her lost civilisation lives with her. Even if Ruin is defeated, Carthey is unlikely to be restored – too much has been lost for too long and the few who are alive today who could trace their ancestry back to this ancient people are scattered far and wide. The Queen has therefore made Sanctuary her new home and pledged herself to their cause.

The people of Carthey appear to have been a race alike to elves, though (like the Drow) they were presumably changed by their defeat. Since there are few records of these matters outside of the Queen’s care, the exact nature of these changes are not well known.

Those of a suspicious turn of mind may note that more or less everything that is known about the Queen, her homeland and her people comes either from herself or from sources that she controls. However, Sanctuary does recognise her title and she is treated as a foreign dignitary while in the capital. Since Sanctuary has mysterious ways of knowing these things, this would tend to suggest that there is at least some truth to her alleged history. That or she is powerful enough to deceive and manipulate the Guardians themselves, at which point she wouldn’t need to lie about her station to you mere mortals.

Queen Elenadanele of Carthey

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