Human Wizard


Torpus Mortain is a young human wizard who judging by his accent appears to be from one of the numerous nations of the low lands. He wears the sash of the school of Veloss draped from his left shoulder down to his right hip, covering a simple black tunic and black trousers, apparently not favouring the ornate robes worn by many of the arcane arts. Torpus has fair hair and a tanned complexion. He carries a pair of daggers strapped to a belt fastened around his waist.

It might be easy to mistake Torpus for a rogue were it not for the sight of his familiar, a blue and white crystalline feathered serpent which spends most of its time coiled lazily around Torpus’ shoulders and neck.

Torpus walks with an air of arrogance and speaks with a hint of condescension. He clearly believes himself to be more intelligent and therefore possibly superior to most people that he meets. There is however a touch of paranoia in his voice for those that listen closely, although it’s not clear exactly what the source of his fears might be.



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