Elder Gods

  • Preservation The elder god of protection, healing, nature, restoration, sun, moon, law and order. This god is the one most commonly followed by Elves and other long lived races. Symbol a simple circle normal gold, the sun, the moon
    Domains: Protection, healing, nature, restoration, sun, law and order
    Favored Weapon: Shield, Mace, Spears
    Common Followers: Elves and those that value life
    Alignment: Lawful Good

Preservation be with you

  • Ruin The foe of Preservation, Ruin has domain over destruction, death, Underneath, Decay and other typically evil domains. Symbol a red eye, a red hollow ring or a bloody claw crushing the sun in it’s grasp.
    Domains: Death, Destruction, Chaos, Un-Death, Decay, Wrath, Tyrant, Suffering
    Favored Weapons: Scythe, Flail, Great Axe
    Common Followers: Orks and those that crave power at any price
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Everything ends

The lesser Gods

  • Lune The moon was created by preservation to keep the Myst away and watch over the people in the dark hours. Ruin cursed her with madness and rage inadvertently giving her the power to destroy. She destroys to protect, something Preservation is unable to do. Those who would seek out and destroy evil follower her using her madness as a lesson why restraint and control is needed. Yet there are those that follower her for her power to destroy for her madness it self.
    Domains:Moon, Protection, Madness, Bestial
    Favored Weapons: Spear, fang, Claw
    Common Followers: Shape changes, Feral Races
    Alignment: Can be treated as either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil

The tainted shall feel my wrath, the pure I shall let hide

The Forgotten

  • The Traveler This almost forgotten god is the protector of travelers and little else is know about them. Their shines dot the wildness neither Myst nor Moon enraged beast will approach these shrines making them natural safe-havens for travelers, traders and bandits.
    Domains: Travel, Balance, Dream, Destiny
    Favored Weapon: Sling, Staff, Unarmed
    Common Followers: None
    Alignment: True Neutral (Balance)

May you find peace in your journey.


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