Lessons: Strength and personal power
From: A Tiger made of Flame
Favored Classes: Monk, Sorcerer, Barbarian
Weapon: Unarmed, Natural Weapons, Katar
Weapon Properties: Flaming, Charging, Brash, Berserker, Keen
Domains: Strength, Fire, War
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength, Honour, Victory

Lessons: Skill and Stealth
Form: A spider made up of vines and plants
Favored Classes: Rouge, Druid, Ranger
Weapon: Daggers, Bows
Weapon Properties: Venomus, Corrosive, Deadly Percision, Hunting, Warning
Domains: Plants, Animal, War
Alignment: Neutral Good

Watch, Wait, Act only when the time is right.

Lessons: Reason and Arcane.
Form: A blue/white crystalline feathered serpent
Favored Classes: Bard, Wizard, Duskblade
Weapons: Spells and Staff
Weapon Properties: Psychokinetic, Shocking, Dislocator, Shattermantle, Magebane
Domains: Magic, Nobility, War
Alignment: Neutral Good

Let knowedge guide you.

Lessons: Weapons and Faith.
Form: An armored hulking stone Lizard carrying stone blades.
Favored Classes: Marshal, Cleric, Fighter
Weapons: Scimitars and Falchion
Weapon Properties: Sacred, Sundering, Resounding, Divine Wrath, Defending
Domains: Earth, Protection, War
Alignment: Neutral Good

Faith in your allies, Faith in your self.

Lessons: Will and Power
Form: A Grey Dragon
Favored Classes: Warlock, Dragon Fire Adept, Erudite
Weapons: Claw Caps and Natural weapons.
Weapon Properties: Frost, Vampire. Power Leach, Keen,
Domains: Knowledge, Destiny, War
Alignment: Neutral Good

The Power to change the world, The Wisdom to know what to change and The will to do so.


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