The Order

The Order
One part holy order, one part retained mercenary group, the order is the primary defense and export of Sanctuary. It trains highly skilled specialists and forges them in to squads.

People have many reasons for joining the order but the three most common are:

  • National Service – You live or wish to live in Sanctuary and this is the price that must be paid to live there.
  • Talent Scouted – A squad or a dedicated talent hunter found you and invited you to join. A large number of people that are scouted this way are ex-slaves, criminals or those from desperate backgrounds.
  • Paid for Instruction – You or someone on your behalf has put the money forward to pay for your training. The order is known for having the best training in the world and there are more people that want a place than can have one.

There are four main schools in the order each following the teachings of one of the four the Guardians and a fifth for those that belong to no school. If you follow the teachings of one of the Guardians you may pick one of their favored classes and gain it as an additional favored class.

The Order

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