The World

Major Countries

  • The Dragon Empire – The largest land, has been slowly and steadily expanding. It is still ruled by its founder. Half Dragons and others with draconic blood are the ruling elite here.
    A strict caste-based dictatorship.
    Common Races: Humans, Elves, Half Dragons, Kobolds and other part dragon races / sub-races.
  • The Low Lands Alliance – A collection of small nations and independent settlements in the fertile lowland. They united to be able to resist being subsumed one by one into the Dragon Empire. Each major member has its say in all important matters, this leads to a lot of nothing getting done at times.
    A case of too many good ideas from too many people leaves this nation almost unimportant in anything other that its own survival.
    Common Races: Humans, Half Orks, Half Dwarfs and Dwarfs.
    Places of Note: Old Haven

Lesser Countries

  • Sanctuary – The mountain-top kingdom where the Order is based. Everyone who lives here is required to do national service in the Order.
    If you want to live here you have to do a contract of service with The Order, this means that the entire adult population is combat trained to a level not found in most armies. There is a reason they need no standing army.
    Common Races: Human, Elves, Half Elves but almost anything is possible here as they will accept anyone who can complete a contract of service.
  • Spire – This city state is named after its location. Many spires of stone jut from from the ground some wide enough to hollow out in to living spaces. At higher levels there are wooden platforms and walkways between these home spires.
    Common Races:
  • Tribe Lands – Not so much a country as an area, this mostly unsettled land is home to roaming nomads, clannish villages and rampaging savages.
    Common Races: Human, Half Orcs, Orcs, Gnolls, Catfolk, Goliaths
  • Silvarus – A tree of huge proportions towering to the height of mountains. This is one of the Elven home lands, this magically grown tree is large enough to hold a city on its branches. Its base is defended by fortifications grown from lesser trees, razor sharp brambles and hungry man-eating plants. The surrounding area contains some of the wildest and most dangerous forest in the world.
    Common Races: Elves and Wood Elves
  • Kelech-Mor and Hyran-Mor – Twin dwarven strongholds seated in two mountains facing each other. Each holds a king that believes he is the true leader of the dwarfs, this means that they alternate between a cold, bitter peace and intense civil war. Assassination attempts, poisoning and other tricks are not unheard of. Many dwarves leave their homeland to escape this seemingly endless feud.
    Common Race: Dwarf

The World

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