Heroes of the Order

Stolen Goods [Pre Session briefing]

The briefing.
Kyreloss the forgotten would inform you of the following.

This watchtower is potent but its not operating to the fullest of it’s abilities. Some of its parts were … Apropeated by those without the world’s best interests at heart.

Originally when the world was set to end hundreds of years ago the plan was simply to collect them from the ashes. The current situation forces that plan to be altered.

There are 5 components that are of critical importants. 4 magical cores that make up the defensive matrix of magic and offensive surprises for those that would try to invade or harm the watch tower.

The last component is the most important. It is the creation heart of the watchtower. This will allow the creation of more of the beacon pins (town portal), weapons, items and even personal enhancement to your selfs from reasureces that can be gathered from the incursion bubbles.

( the lug edition. Bad people have stolen parts of the watchtower weakening the defence of the world. )

The dungeon
The location that these components are hidden in is an ancient vault. ( thimk the Queen’s people)

To get there you have to use the gate stone network the cult was using and use one of the metals. It’s the one with the metal figures standing gaurd with a huge axe raised so with your knowledge’s you can expect to fight a pair of golems at least for the first fight. You can expect them to be resistant or immune to magic cast upon them.

The place is warded vs scrying, and methods of extra dimensional entery. So the only way in will be via the front door.

Expect magical and physical defenses. Summoned and bound creatures. Constructs and ancient warriors that have been suspended in time.

Sections of it are likely to be no magic or have different plane traits.

With your combined knowledge and skills you no you can expect there to be strange spacal connections , rooms larger than that should be. And devices that can alter the layout of the place around you. They liked hidding things in plan site for convenience and to make the space more elegant.


nightsclaw nightsclaw

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