Heroes of the Order

The Long Wait Week One

Moons f2, f3, g1, g2, g3, h1, h2

To venture in to the darkness that now surrounds the strung hold of ruin you need an artefact of preservation to ward off its life sapping effects.
The best crafter and holy priests from the temple will take a month to create such an item.

As a group you need to make some decisions.

What to do for your first weeks group activity?
Here are some suggestions )feel free to talk about it and even vote if you wish

  • Some of the possible options
  • Patrol the local area
  • Investigate a location
  • Travel somewhere
  • Go on a group diplomata mission somewhere
  • Try investigating some more of the gate stone net work
  • Anything else you can think of

What form would you want the artefact to take.
1) A large shield (a good protective item)
2) Two handed great hammer (Improved turning for the wielder and stirkeing a ruin creature may drive them away or cow them )
3) A Holy Banner (wider protective area, can be planted in the group as well as carried)

The default radius of protection will be 30 feet, the banner will be 60 feet.


Events in the town

Due to the Queen’s skilled use of people skills and the susseful defence of the town people are genraly clam. But their is a sense that bad things are a foot.

The many miles high PILLAR OF DARKNESS that can be seen by everyone in the town and hundrads of miles around people know this will be a bad winter.

Instead of fear people are coming together and there is a frenzy of activity to ready the town
  • Making ammonition
  • Practiting how to use the captured seigeweapons
  • Crafting armour and weapons.
  • Training to use the weapons.

THe lord now free of the quarentine of his home is going to be out and about getting a lot done.
Given the attack on the town he is going to strengthen the standing guard.
More people on watch all the time.
More gaurds sent out with the farmers

Take some gaurds to secure the farm land to the south east and check the three mills area

Due to the large shipment of supplies he now has a lot more items for sale. He would be trying to sell these to people.
He seems completyl confident for his safty no matter what happens to the town.

The demonic dragon you all trust so much is welcomed in to the town, with people having known him for years. He is helping greatly with improving the town’s fortification. His work is done silently at night with hundreds of shadowy servants.

The name he goes by in town is Blackthorn
During the day he can be found

  • in the tavern telling stores and drinking
  • At the brothral
  • Walking around the town talking to many different people.

Is working on getting things ready for winter at an accelerated rate and keeping people calm.

Is sending out a lot of people to gather herbs, plants etc, likly gather mass supplies for the winter.


nightsclaw nightsclaw

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