Heroes of the Order

Stolen Goods [Air Wing]

Finished defeating the Were-Hell Hound

Found a ghost and its body it was an Assimar

The ghost in poor common asked to be ressed, Toben could not and performed last rites on the body, the ghost disappeared. The body was placed in the Bottle for resurrection later.

Got past the lightning corridor by smashing the lighting orbs.

Acquired the key to wing A from the body.

Used the room changer to get to wing A

Fought way past the kill zone with the lighting throwing humanoid griffons. With blade barrier and soild fog forced them to flee with some sort of magic.

and lug and razz beat their ways though the room trap with flooding and lighting.

dug though a rock fall and headed into an area used a summon to set off a magical spell

It caused a wall behind the group to disappear and 2 lighting griffons to attack

End Session and start of fight.


nightsclaw jasondoran

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